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Age Verification: Information and How To

Information: Since the FDA classified e-cigarette products as tobacco products, we are required to process any online transaction using a third-party age verification process. As we can not separate transaction online between retail and wholesale, all customers who wish to place an onrder online will need to go through this process. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but rest assured, once you have gone through it once and are using the same computer/device for future purchases, your information will be automatically re-processed. You will NOT have to re-enter your driver's license information again. If you are using a different computer/device, you will be able to re-log into the system with your email address and password (This is NOT tied to your online account log-in). Please  make sure that you white-list in your email service provider, so that you will receive your initial temporary password the first time you input your driver's license info. 

We are partnered with to provide the Age Checked Age Verification system. The database of customers who have gone through the age verificaiton process there IS transferred through to our site, so if you have shopped with before, you will not have to reenter it on 

IN CASE YOU ARE NOT VERIFIED IMMEDIATELY: Yes, this can happen. Most times, when you first input your DL information, you will be verified instantly. However, sometimes, this does not happen, and you will have to wait for the Age Checked system to receive verification from the state that issued your DL. Again, make sure you have white listed in your email provider to receive those emails from them.

UPDATE: You can SKIP the Age Verification process and place your order online, if you are unable to verify your age through your DL immediately. If you select 'Cancel Age Check' in the top right of the first screen, it will show a new screen that says that you will not be able to process your order. If you select "Yes", you will still be able to continue and complete your order online! PLEASE NOTE: If we have verified your age before and have it in our records, we will process yoru order automatically. If you are placing a NEW order with us, and have not shopped with us before, we will contact you offline to verify your age prior to processing your online order.

You can also not be verified if you recently moved, just renewed your DL, or, for some reason, the issuing state doesn't have yoru information correctly. Also, please double check that you are inputing the correct information into the required fields (see second image below), and ONLY the information asked for. Adding your full street address into the Address Number field can cause your submission to be rejected, for example.

Remember, if you are going through this the first time, your account email and password will NOT let you go through the Age Verification process. Our customer database is not connected to the Age Verification process in any way, by law, and we have no direct control over that information. IF you have any problems using the age verification system, feel free to email, or you can contact our Webmaster through our Contact Us form, and he will assist you in talking with Age Checked and getting the issue resolved. 

How To: To help our customers use our Age Verification system, here's a little information that might help you use our age-verification process, provided by, when you go through the Checkout process.

1. - When you go to Checkout, and you have NOT see it before, you will see this window pop-up first on your screen before you verify your information and do the final submit of your order for processing (after you have entered your billing, shipping and payment information).

Now, there's one of two options to do on this screen:

OPTION 1 - If you have NEVER seen this pop-up screen before, either on or any other website, you have NOT entered your ID for age verification through yet. If this is the case, you MUST click on the "Driving License" button in the right blue field, where it says "Verify your Age using your"

OPTION 2 - If you HAVE entered your driver's license for age verification through before, either on or another website, then you can enter your email address and password that you have previously set up through This information is NOT linked to your account in any way, so, if you have NOT gone through option 1 yet, your account login will NOT work.

If you're not sure which one you are in, follow OPTION 1. It will tell you if you have set up an account or not once you've gone through that process, then will let you come back to this screen to enter your login info.

If you have forgotten the password your set up with, OR you did not receive the automated email from with your original temporary password, click on the Forgot Password? link just above the orange Continue button.

2. OPTION 1 - If you selected the Driver's License button in OPTION 1, you will then see this screen:

Fill out all of the information in the above fields.

Email Address : Your email address that you have access to. will send you an email regarding your temporary password for your account (which you can then use the next time you place an order on through the OPTION 2 process above). Make sure you set your email account to always accept emails from so it doesn't get lost or deleted automatically (and double check it will always accept emails from, too).

Name: Should be self-explainatory

Driving License Number : JUST your DL number, do not need to add anything to identify state.

Address Number: This is ONLY the Number for the address ON YOUR LICENSE. If you've moved, but haven't gotten a new DL, do NOT use your new address. (Example, the address on your license is 1234 Smith Street, you would only put 1234 in this field)

Street : your address Street name on your DL (Example, the address on your license is 1234 Smith Street, you would only put 'Smith Street' in this field)

ZIP: Zip code on your DL associated with the address on your license

Do not forget to select the checkbox next the the Term and Conditions

Once all these fields are filled in, click on Continue. That should bring you to a screen saying that you have been verified, and you can continue to place your order. If there are any issues, the following screen will display that. PLEASE NOTE: Some state licenses may not be able to be verified instantly, so while you may enter all your information correctly, it may still show an error. Please feel free to email us through the LiveChat button in the bottom right of the screen, or, send an email directly to to check on status of verification.

2. OPTION 2 - If you go through OPTION 2 above, and your email address and password are correct for your account, you should be verified and the pop-up screen will go away, allowing you to proceed to place your order. If you enter your email and password and you are NOT verified, and you get an error, please try again, or contact either or us through the Contact Us page.


We hope this helps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us through the Contact Us page.