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About Vape Fuel, LLC

Vape Fuel was created as the manufacturing arm of JJDS E-Cigarettes, LLC, founded in 2009 in Albuquerque, NM. We have been making the highest quality e-liquids possible for almost as long as the industry has been in the US, utilizing the best FDA food-grade PG, VG and flavorings available. We have created over 150 different and unique flavors over the years, because we know that there isn't one single flavor that satisfies every person that vapes. 

No Sales to Minors, Ever.

Ever since the comapny was created, we have ahd a strict No Sales To Minors company policy. Long before the FDA and government started regulating the vaping industry, we have long held that these products, like traditional cigarettes, should only be available to recognized adults. We adher to all state laws in regards to minimum age requirements. 

One thing new on our website is Direct-To-Customer online sales! If you are a Vape Fuel fan, and a retail customer, you can now purchase directly from the manufacturer! You will have to create an account online, as well as all customers will have to go through our Age Verification during the checkout process to be able to purchase from us online. 

Become a Wholesale Distributor Customer with Vape Fuel!

If you are a retail store that sells (or wants to sell) e-liquids, please feel free to fill our our New Wholesale Customer form. Once submitted, we will review your information and get back to you on the status of your account.

Want to try our flavors? As a Wholesle Distributor customer, you can submit a Sample Request. We'll send you out some of our best selling e-liquids, or tell us what flavors your customers are requesting you carry!


To all of you, from all of us at Vape Fuel - Thank you and Have a Great Vape Day!

Vape Fuel Management