As of the deadline, September 9, 2020, our PMTA submissions had been received at the FDA according to our Tracking information. We're awaiting confirmation that they have accepted the submissions. We submitted PMTAs for EVERY flavor that we make or have made, past and present.

WARNING: These products may contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nicotine E-Cigarette Products Under Attack!

Unless you've been totally off-grid lately, you've seen at least some of the things happening that's attacking nicotine vaping in the USA. To find out more on what is happening, how you can make your voice heard to keep our flavors available to the 10 million+ adults using e-cigs, we recommend that you go on Facebook and join or follow some of the pro-vaping groups/organizations there (L.I.V., AVA, VTA, or even VapeFuelUSA ). If Twitter is more your speed, you can check out @GregTHR, @AVABoard, and @VaporTechAssoc
We ALL #WeVapeWeVote!

The Wildly Popular Vapocalypse Line

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We have worked very hard, and will continue to work hard to keep all of our flavors registered and compliant with all FDA regulations.

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